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Best Practices in Change Management - 11th Edition (Electronic)

Access the world’s largest body of knowledge on managing the people side of change in a fully-digital, online version available wherever you are. The 11th Edition of Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management study compiles 22 years of industry-leading research, uncovering lessons learned and emerging trends from change management practitioners and consultants around the globe. Utilize search and bookmark features to access findings quickly and apply them to your work.

Available immediately in the Prosci Portal through the Research Hub tile. Bundle with the print version in your cart to receive a significant discount ($290) by purchasing both the print and electronic versions.

The electronic Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition is a fully-digital, online version of the print edition. It compiles data from 11 studies across 22 years of industry-leading research from over 8,100 change practitioners, consultants, and project team members in 85 countries. The purpose of this research is to uncover best practices that help you become better at leading and managing change.

Key Features:

  • Browse through the electronic publication as if you are reading the print version
  • Navigate quickly to specific sections, chapters and findings
  • Use the search function to quickly answer your change management questions
  • Use the bookmark feature to quickly access your most-referenced findings

The electronic version is available immediately from your Prosci Portal account through the Research Hub tile. The Prosci Portal is where you access all of Prosci’s industry leading electronic change management tools and resources.

The report is produced through a rigorous research process and represents the world’s largest body of knowledge on managing the people side of change. It includes four parts with nineteen chapters and over 300 tables and figures with over 370 pages. Each data visualization was designed to convey the most critical information with written key findings that showcase actionable insights. And, the report is designed for accessibility and compliance with regulatory standards that promote equality for people with disabilities.

The Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition is a comprehensive study covering a broad range of topics that examine trends, new findings in relevant topics and updated findings to inform your best actions.  For example, this report includes a NEW extended section on addressing seven specific sponsor challenges.  Other topic areas include:

  • Greatest contributors to success and common obstacles
  • Internal two-year trends and discipline five-year trends
  • Change management methodology, job roles, structure, resources and budget
  • Assessing change readiness and change management effectiveness and measurement
  • Integrating project management and change management
  • Culture, employee and stakeholder engagement
  • Common change management practice areas including sponsorship, resistance management, manager engagement, communications, training and reinforcement
  • Advanced application of change management to complex and unique changes
  • Change management maturity and building change capability
  • Customizing change management by industry including industry-specific changes
  • Change saturation and change portfolio management

Best practices provide a starting point for understanding the fundamental concepts of change management as well as checkpoints to guide your planning. Lessons others have uncovered provide insights into tackling complex change scenarios and avoid common pitfalls.

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