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Business Case for Change Management Template

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Are you ready to develop your business case for change management but don't know where to start? Save countless hours and gain buy-in and resources for change management with the help of a pre-populated template and expert guidance.

Building buy-in for change management and getting the appropriate resources and funding can be challenging. The Business Case for Change Management Template gives you a proven structure for presenting the rationale and approach for change management in the format of a formal business case. 

The template is easy to use, with instructions and guidelines for each of the nine sections of a formal business case. This tool provides the knowledge and guidance so you can directly connect project results to managing the people side of change. It enables you to present your change management approach as a solution to the reality of how change occurs in organizations. 

What you get:

  1. Business Case Template with instructions, samples and tips for each section
  2. One-page Instruction Guide
  3. Learning Guide
  4. Blank template that allows for greater customization

The package comes in an easy-to-download format. The Instruction Guide and Learning Guide are PDF documents, and the Templates are Microsoft Word documents.

This online tool is accessible via the Prosci Portal – a virtual platform where change professionals can access all of their online change management tools and resources.