Online Tool

Change Management Research Library

This extensive library contains all of Prosci's most current and relevant research on change management, plus it's updated as we uncover additional best practices and findings. Quickly search the database of research, flag frequently used findings, and compile your own collections of valuable research.

The Change Management Research Library supports the development and execution of your change management strategies. Explore and learn from this continually updated body of knowledge, and use this research to help build the case for change management when presenting or discussing with peers, project teams or leadership.

Key Features:

  • Use the keyword search function to quickly answer your change management questions
  • Use the Favorites feature to bookmark your most-referenced findings
  • Create a Playlist to gather relevant research for a presentation or personal resource
  • Add Notes to specific findings that tie the research to your current change management work

Containing all of Prosci’s most current and relevant research on change management, this online application is updated in real time with newly uncovered best practices and findings. Browse all topics to sharpen your change management skills, or use it to find answers to your current questions.

This online tool is accessible via the Prosci Portal – a virtual platform where change professionals can access all of their online change management tools and resources.