Change Portfolio Toolkit

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The Prosci Change Portfolio Toolkit gives you a suite of tools and processes for documenting changes, identifying risk, and proactively managing your change portfolio. Including both hardcopy and digital versions, the toolkit helps you better understand and align your portfolio of change initiatives to drive overall change success. 

The Prosci Change Portfolio Toolkit is an advanced resource for change leaders who are managing a portfolio of changes and projects. Use the Change Portfolio Toolkit to map current and future change initiatives to identify overlapping milestones and collision points. Use assessments to identify highly impacted groups and build heat maps for easily spotting organizational change saturation. By understanding your portfolio of changes, you can make decisions that mitigate risk and improve the likelihood of success for the changes in your portfolio.

The Change Portfolio Toolkit guides you through a five-step process:

  1. Identify
    • Scope the portfolio
    • Identify changes
    • Identify groups
  2. Investigate
    • Change details
    • Change assessments
    • Groups impacted
  3. Analyze
    • Heat maps
    • Plots
    • Portfolio dashboard
  4. Act
    • Identifying risks
    • Presenting portfolio
    • Acting on the portfolio
  5. Monitor, Manage and Control

The Change Portfolio Toolkit comes as a hardcopy toolkit and a CD that includes digital versions of all templates and assessments.