Online Tool

CMROI Calculator

Demonstrating the return that change management brings to your projects is vital to buy-in and your overall change strategy. With the CMROI Calculator, you can calculate the people-dependent ROI for an unlimited number of projects and quantify the need for change management. 

When you can demonstrate the percentage of project benefits related to people successfully changing how they work, you gain commitment and buy-in for change management from peers, project teams and leadership.

Use the CMROI Calculator to refocus your conversations about change management and demonstrate the tangible return change management brings to projects. By more effectively making the case for change management, you can gain support and unlock resources for your change management efforts.

Key features:

  • Add an unlimited number of projects to the calculator
  • Choose from single-benefit or multiple-benefit calculation options
  • Generate calculations in multiple currencies
  • Perform optional scenario analysis to calculate ROI with no change management or varied levels of change management
This online tool is accessible via the Prosci Portal – a virtual platform where change professionals can access all of their online change management tools and resources.