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Virtualize Change Management

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Organizations will be hybrid or remote workplaces for the foreseeable future. Explore how to virtualize the practice of change management during this Premium Webinar.

In the rich webinar format Prosci is known for, we come together as a change community to explore, co-create, and unpack how to adapt and adjust change management in a virtual world.

This webinar is designed for those responsible for helping individuals through the changes happening in their organizations. This can include change practitioners who want to:

  • Learn best practices for facilitating change management activities in virtual or hybrid settings
  • Coach sponsors and senior leaders to better understand how they must adapt their roles in the reimagined workplace
  • Share, learn and co-create the future playbook on virtual change management with other industry leaders

Learning Objectives

  • Review new data on how organizations are reimagining their workplace
  • Introduce a model and approach for adoption enablement of changes everyone is experiencing
  • Frame the challenge and co-create solutions for how we adapt the practice of change management in a hybrid world
  • Develop an action plan to address the top challenges and opportunities with guidance from others

Course Materials

  • Webinar replay access for one year
  • Curated change impact learning resources
  • Change Impact Canvas template (downloadable and fillable)
  • Change Impact Whiteboard presentation slide template
  • Detailed Activity Guides for each use case

This premium webinar and materials are for your personal use only. After purchasing