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Research Hub (Annual)

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The Prosci Research Hub is an easy-to-use digital platform that provides access to Prosci research, including core studies, topical studies and relevant data across a broad array of topics. Reference over 20 years of best practices, lessons learned and insights from thousands of change leaders around the world.

Prosci maintains the industry’s largest body of change management research—the basis for our tools, methodologies, advisory services, and role-based development programs. The Prosci Research Hub gives you direct, anytime access to Prosci’s research, including:

  • Best Practices in Change Management – 12th Edition (interactive research report)
  • Applications of ADKAR (topical study)
  • Managing Resistance to Change (topical study)
  • Reinforcing and Sustaining Change Outcomes (topical study)
  • Change Management and Agile (topical study)
  • Applications of the PCT Model (live research study)
  • Any additional research studies conducted by Prosci

With access to Research Hub, you can delve into research using a robust search function. See what other practitioners are doing in their change management practices. Use the research and data to engage and influence your internal audiences—whether its individuals moving through change or leadership making decisions about change management. And apply change management with confidence, knowing that you’re leveraging the latest industry research to make changes happen in your organization.

Numerous Prosci training programs include a one-year subscription to Research Hub. See individual programs for details on what’s included in the program fee.

This online tool is accessible via the Prosci Portal—a digital platform where change professionals can access all of their online change management tools and resources.