Change Management: The People Side of Change

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This overview of the Prosci methodology shows you how to connect the individual and organizational sides of change to drive change results. The book introduces you to the widely used Prosci ADKAR Model and Prosci 3-Phase Process – two components central to the Prosci change management methodology.

Ideal for project leaders, executives and change managers, the second edition of Change Management: The People Side of Change provides an introduction to change management and the Prosci approach to change. You will learn concepts that are illustrated with real examples from Prosci’s two decades of research and receive relevant tactics you can immediately apply to your work.

Starting with the five tenets of change management, authors Jeff Hiatt and Tim Creasey clearly articulate the purpose and value of change management. An overview of the Prosci ADKAR® Model and the Prosci 3-Phase Process demonstrates that individual and organizational change management must be applied together to drive successful change.

Use this engaging book as an introduction to change management for yourself or a colleague, and to learn more about Prosci’s research-based change management methodology.