Employee’s Survival Guide to Change

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This easy-to-read guide explains how to use the Prosci ADKAR® Model to embrace change and be a proactive agent of change. Practical information and real-life examples help guide you in how to survive and thrive during organizational change.

Whether you are impacted by changes or leading others through change, the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change is an invaluable resource for employees. This book will help employees make sense of the changes happening in your organization. Rather than being a victim of change, you can identify what you need to successfully change and be a proactive change agent among your peers.

As a leader, use this book to create a culture of self-leadership in your organization by providing employees with an overview of the Prosci ADKAR Model, a simple guide to individual change that enables them to understand their own barriers for change and ask for the support they need to move successfully through the change process.

If you are using the ADKAR Model as your organizational language for change, provide the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change to front-line staff to engage them in the change management conversation and ensure that everyone in your organization is speaking the same change language.